Frequently Asked Questions
1. How to buy Power Block tickets?
Power Block tickets are only available for buy on the website Log into your FXCE account and pick the lucky numbers. (To register a new FXCE account: click here).
2. How much is the Power Block ticket?
The initial (starting) price is one FXCE Token per ticket and the price will fluctuate in response to market fluctuations, allowing players to obtain tickets at an affordable price.
3. Can I buy tickets with any other cryptocurrency?
No, you can only use FXCE Token to buy tickets. FXCE Token can be purchased on the FXCE P2P Trading platform or swapped on the JustSwap platform. Furthermore, there are numerous other ways to obtain FXCE Token, including receiving referral and rebate from trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and stocks on the FXCE Social Trading Platform, investing in Poolcoin programs, and participating in FXCE-organized community campaigns.
4. What is the deadline for buying Power Block tickets?
Ticket sales close at 10:00 am GMT+0 on the draw days (every Wednesday and Saturday).
This means that you will be unable to purchase tickets one hour before the draw time, and you will have to wait until the draw is completed before you can purchase tickets for the next draw. This also applies to all of our other games.
5. What is the maximum number of tickets that I can buy?
To ensure the randomness of the prize, players can only purchase up to 70% of the total tickets, which equates to a maximum of 74,156,600 Power Block tickets out of 105,938,000 sold in each draw period.
6. Can I buy tickets for multiple draws?
Yes. You can purchase multiple Power Block tickets with the same set of numbers. After you've chosen your numbers, enter the number of periods you would like to play in the [Multi-Draw] box.
7. Is it possible for the system to choose numbers for me?
Yes. By selecting [Quick pick], you can instruct the computer to select a random number sequence on your behalf. You can also pre-select the numbers you want and then click [Quick pick] to have the computer fill in the blanks.
8. How do I know if the number ?
If the sequence numbers you are selecting on the ticket purchasing interface is the same as that of someone else who has previously purchased, a notification icon will appear next to the number you selected to notify you of this. By clicking in the [Quick pick] box and using the [Original pick] feature, you can actively select the numbers that do not match anyone.
9. Where can I find my Power Block tickets?
Tickets purchased will be stored securely on your FXCE account and will be located directly below the [My Tickets] box on the ticket purchase interface. Your ticket cannot be stolen, altered, or transferred. To improve the security of your FXCE account, we recommend that you install 2FA security.
1. What days are the Power Block draws on?
Power Block draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00 am GMT+0.
The system will use VRF technology to perform direct dialing at draw time. The results will be returned one by one, beginning with the BLOCK number and ending with the POWER number.
2. Where can I view the Power Block draws?
Power Block live draws can be viewed a
When the player visits the Power Block page during the draw time, the live draw interface will be displayed on the homepage in real time.
3. How to win a Power Block jackpot?
To win the jackpot, the first POWER number on your ticket must match the POWER number drawn, and all five BLOCK numbers can match in any order. Furthermore, even if you do not match all six numbers in the Power Block sequence, you can still win additional prizes based on the total matching numbers. Please see the prize breakdown
4. Do the numbers on my ticket have to match the order of the draw results exactly?
To win the jackpot, the first POWER number on your ticket must match the POWER number drawn, and all five BLOCK numbers can match in any order. Furthermore, even if you do not match all six numbers in the Power Block sequence, you can still win additional prizes based on the total matching numbers. Please see the prize breakdown here
5. Where can I find the winning results?
The results of each draw will be saved on the website and can be viewed in the [Result] section. Furthermore, in the [Game History] section, you can easily look up the outcomes of your purchased tickets. We display all of the tickets you've purchased, as well as any associated rewards.
6. How can players be sure that Power Block is a really game of chance?
Power Block results are generated on the blockchain using VRF technology to generate random and verifiable numbers. As a result, Power Block results are completely fair, unpredictable, and cannot be cheated.
7. How do I verify the transparency of the draw results?
You can completely verify the transparency of the draw results by using the smart contract that comes with each number in the Power Block result. These smart contracts are always publicized alongside the draw results and are easily accessible under [Result] tab.
1. How is the Power Block jackpot determined?
The Power Block Jackpot is calculated by deducting a portion of the commission fee on each trade made by the trader on the FXCE Social Trading platform from the total ticket sales generated. Please see following table for more details on how to deduct commission from each transaction.
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0.5 USDT
2. How can I claim my jackpot prize?
The prizes will be awarded in FXCE token and will be transferred directly to your FXCE wallet.
The Power Block side prizes will be transferred immediately after the draw results are announced.
The Jackpot prize will be divided into 20 equal parts for the first ten Jackpot winners and transferred directly to the winner's FXCE wallet every two weeks.
Since the 11th Jackpot winner and onwards, the Jackpot prize will be divided into ten periods.
3. How many prizes are there in the Power Block game?
Power Block has one (01) jackpot and nine (09) side prizes. You can win by matching just one (01) POWER number. You can see the prize structure detail here
4. What happens if there are multiple winning jackpot tickets?
If there are multiple winning jackpot tickets, the jackpot will be distributed equally among all winning tickets. The system will specifically notify the user if the selecting sequence number matches with another player's ticket purchased; alternatively, players can click on the box [Original pick] to have the system automatically select numbers that do not match the previously purchased. These features encourage players to take a more active role in their chances of winning the Jackpot.
5. What taxes are levied if I win a prize?
You will receive the full value of the prize. When you win the Power Block Jackpot, you are not required to pay any taxes or fees.
6. Where can I buy or sell FXCE Token?
FXCE Token can be traded on the FXCE P2P Trading platform or the JustSwap platform. Furthermore, you can send and receive FXCE Token from other FXCE accounts; receive referrals and rebates from trading forex, cryptocurrencies, CFD on FXCE Social Trading Platform; invest in Poolcoin programs and participate in FXCE community programs.